Rutgers Tuition Payment Plans

Please note that paper enrollment forms are no longer being accepted.

The Rutgers University Tuition Payment Plan (RUTPP) allows you to pay your term bill charges in convenient monthly payments. By planning early you can include your college payments in your monthly household budget, which allows you to avoid the large, lump sum payment due at the beginning of each semester. If you budget with Rutgers you may be able to reduce the amount of loans you will need, and in turn reduce your indebtedness.

  • Choose the number of months to spread your installment payments. The installment period is interest free.
  • There is a $60 enrollment fee to join the annual plan and a $50 enrollment fee for the semester plan. This fee is nonrefundable and due at the time of enrollment.
  • This is an interest-free plan. Unlike a loan, you can join this plan and pay monthly without accruing interest or having a large debt at the time of graduation. 
  • Tuition Protection Insurance on the plan member is provided at no additional cost. If the plan member—the person financially responsible for paying the bill—dies during the contract period, the balance of the contract, up to the total tuition and fees owed at the time of death, will be paid by Rutgers University, provided that your monthly contract payments are current.

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Annual Plans

Students who choose to enroll in one of our annual plans can pay the combined term bill charges for the fall and spring semesters. Beginning and ending dates for each type of plan are below.

10 Payments June 15–March 15
8 Payments July 15–February 15

Please note that for the annual plans, the first half of the payments made will be applied to the fall semester and the second half of the payments made will be applied to the spring semester. The first payment to the spring semester will confirm the student's attendance for the spring.

Semester Plans

Students who choose to enroll in one of our semester plans, can pay their fall, spring, or summer tuition charges over a 2–5 month period. Beginning and ending dates for each type of plan are below.

Fall Semester

3 Payments - July 15 – September 15

4 Payments - July 15 – October 15

5 Payments  - June 15 – October 15

Spring Semester

3 Payments - December 15 – February 15

4 Payments - December 15 – March 15

5 Payments  - November 15 – March 15

Summer Session

2 Payments  - April 15 – May 15

2 Payments - May 15 – June 15

2 Payments  - June 15 – July 15

3 Payments - April 15 June 15

3 Payments - May 15 July 15

4 Payments - March 15 June 15

4 Payments  - April 15 – July 15

5 Payments - March 15 July 15

Third Term - Graduate Advanced Standing

2 Payments - May 15 – June 15

2 Payments  - June 15 – July 15

3 Payments - May 15 July 15

Winter Session

2 Payments - November 15 – December 15

How to Make Payments

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • E-check: monthly automatic deductions from a personal bank account

rutpp on the online term bill

Registered students receive an email notification when the term bill is available, usually in July for the fall and late November for the spring. 

  • Once you have enrolled in RUTPP, allow 3 business days for the payment to post to your account.
  • If your contract amount does not cover the full balance due, you will need to increase your RUTPP contract or make payment online for the balance due.
  • If your RUTPP contract does not appear on your term bill, print your student account summary, attach the email confirmation showing enrollment in RUTPP, and mail the form to the address indicated on your term bill by the due date.

Late Payment Fees

RUTPP payments received after the due date will be assessed a $25 late fee on each late monthly installment. Contracts will be canceled after three months of nonpayment.

Responsibility of the Student

All account balances not paid in full when due are the sole responsibility of the student and extend to all costs incurred by the university to collect such debt. This may include, but is not limited to late fees, collections costs, litigation/attorney's fees, and court costs.


Should you have any questions regarding your Tuition Payment Plan, you may contact us.