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Documents for Tax Preparation

1098-T Tax forms for tax year 2017 will be available by 1/31/2018.

Please note: Institutions may report either payments received during calendar year in box 1 or amounts billed during the calendar year in box 2. Rutgers chooses to report box 2 so box 1 will be blank. You can use the provided statement of account as proof of payments made.

The university provides student account information to help you to file your federal tax returns and to apply for education tax benefits. For general information on educational tax advantages, view the Rutgers Education Tax Benefits website and the IRS Tax Benefits for Education Information Center.

1098-T Form: Tuition Payment Statement

Rutgers is required by federal law to report to you and the Internal Revenue Service certain information concerning your status on a tax form referred to as Form 1098-T Tuition Payments Statement.

W-9S Form: Report Your Social Security Number or Tax ID

To prepare and submit the tax documents, your correct U.S. tax identification number is required. You are required to submit the W-9S form each year to our office.

Statement of Account

Rutgers provides a Statement of Account to facilitate the preparation of your federal tax returns, and to help determine whether you are eligible to claim education tax credits.

Tuition Summary for the Calendar Year

If a student's qualified tuition and related expenses are paid entirely through scholarship and/or grant aid or waived, Rutgers provides a Tuition Summary for the Calendar Year.

Education Tax Benefits

Tax credits, deductions, and savings plans can help students with their expenses for higher education.