Summer Session Checklist

Students can use this questionnaire checklist to track their summer session account.

Where can I pay my Summer Session term bill?

check mark Visit to view and pay your term bill charges.

check markView tuition rates and fees to estimate your term bill charges, if they are not yet available.

check markEligible students can use tuition remission to pay their summer charges.


What about my financial aid?

check mark Apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid.

check mark Review your award letter.

check markIf you are a Third Term student or started a fully online program over the summer and is receiving financial aid, contact us in order to verify your enrollment.


Are there payment plans available?

check mark Review the payment plan options available for summer session.

check markPick the best suitable plan for you.

check markBegin making payments as instructed through RUTPP.


Where is my refund?

check markCheck your mailbox for your paper refund check, refunds will be mailed to your permanent home address on file*

check markIf you are a Third term student you can sign up for Direct Deposit.

Note: Although you may have already signed up for Direct Deposit for the Fall/Spring Semester, only paper checks are processed during the Summer.


Still have Questions?

check markView the summer session FAQs.

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summer session payment plans


Last Day 

to enroll online

Required down 



of payments


of payments

Summer April 5 25% 4 April-July
May 5 25% 3 May-July
June 5 25% 2 June-July
*Summer and Third Term plans are now available
Third Term  April 5 25% 4 April-July
May 5 25% 3 May-July
June 25% 2 June-July

Please note payment plans are not yet open for sign up. Plan dates are made available ahead of time for adequate financial planning.

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Summer Session FAQs

I used RUHere to verify my attendance for Fall/Spring, will I need to do one for the Summer? 

The RUHere process does not apply for Summer. You need to verify your attendance by submitting your term bill payment by the due date.

I applied for Financial Aid for the summer session, why can’t I see my aid on my term bill?

The aid for Third term or summer start students (Third Term Advanced Standing students in the School of Social Work, Rutgers Business School Graduate Students in Newark and Students in the Accelerated BS Program for School of Nursing in Camden) will not be visible on their term bill. Students enrolled in these programs will need to contact us in order to verify their attendance. All students enrolled for summer, need to do the following to ensure that the process is complete;

1. Sign their Master Promissory Note.

2. Complete the Entrance Counseling.

Note: Visiting students who apply for a private loan need to contact us.

Where can I sign up my parent for access to pay my bill?

Students can grant their parents, guardians or third party access to view and pay their term bill through the myGuest Dashboard.

Can I register for Summer Session under the Unemployed Worker Tuition Remission Program?

Individuals who qualify for this program may be eligible to participate in a job-training course on a space-available basis without payment of tuition or general student fees. Other charges, including a mandatory $20 registration fee, are not covered by this program. Qualified participants must submit an approved Unemployed Person Job Training Form and Employability Development Plan from a state One-Stop Career Center no later than five (5) business days prior to the start of the summer session to the Registrar’s Office. For more details, please review the program policy.

Can I use tuition remission for Summer Session?

Eligible dependents can use tuition remission during one summer session only. The dependent must be a continuing student and summer session cannot be the first term of attendance.
Eligible staff/faculty employees will be able to use tuition remission to cover the tuition cost of their summer session courses.
Eligible gradate fellows or students receiving departmental scholarships will receive remission for tuition only. 

How do I sign up for my summer refund and when will I receive it?

If you are a continuing Rutgers student and although you may have signed up for direct deposit for Fall and Spring semesters, Summer refunds will only be issued by paper check and mailed to the home address on file. Most Summer refund checks are issued upon request but will be mailed out in July, if it has not already been processed.

Am I required to have Health Insurance coverage during the summer session?

Only full-time summer students are required to be enrolled in an active health insurance plan. Students who are already enrolled in the Rutgers Health Insurance plan receive coverage throughout the summer and do not need to re-enroll until the Fall semester.

How do I drop or withdraw from a course I registered for?

Please check the cancellation and withdrawal deadlines, then visit WebReg to drop the course(s). If there is a special circumstance and you would like to drop or withdraw after the deadlines, you must apply for an appeal.

How do I handle Late Course additions/Late Course Drops & Late Add/Drops?

Students who have experienced special circumstances that resulted in missing a deadline for dropping or adding a course may appeal for a review of their case to the New Brunswick Office of Summer & Winter Sessions.


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