About Us

Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services ensures the proper billing of your student account and provides professional, prompt, courteous service to resolve financial problems on an individual basis. We manage the charges and credits on your account including tuition, fees, housing, dining, miscellaneous fees, payments, financial aid credits, tuition remission, and waivers for every semester that you attend Rutgers.

Our department is sometimes referred to as the Bursar's Office, the Campus Business Office, or the Cashier's Office.

Our Services

Cashier: We are responsible for all types of student bill payments.

Student Accounts (SAR): We keep track of your financial status, which includes tuition, fee charges, and credits. We handle problems that arise with your account.

Student Billing and Collections: We send billing reminder notices; coordinate exit counseling; and collect Perkins loans, institutional loans, emergency loans, and all delinquent tuition accounts.

Our Locations

Our cashiers' offices are conveniently located, so students can find us on the campus they most frequent. Staff members are available to provide assistance with billing, accounting, and/or payments issues. Find a Cashier's Office near you.