Rutgers School Codes

New Brunswick | Newark | Camden

Rutgers University–New Brunswick

01 School of Arts and Sciences
07 Mason Gross School of the Arts
08 Graduate School Creative & Performing Arts
10 Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy: Undergraduate
11 School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
14 School of Engineering
15 Graduate School of Education
16 Graduate School–New Brunswick
17 School of Communication and Information
18 Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
19 School of Social Work
30 Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
31 Graduate School of Pharmacy
33 School of Business
34 Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy: Graduate
37 School of Management and Labor Relations: Undergraduate
38 School of Management and Labor Relations: Graduate
80 Continuous Education
81 Graduate Continuous Education

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Rutgers University–Newark

20 School of Public Affairs and Administration
21 Newark College of Arts and Sciences
22 Rutgers Business School–Newark
23 Rutgers School of Law–Newark
25 College of Nursing
26 Graduate School–Newark
27 School of Criminal Justice: Graduate
29 School of Business
40 Public Affairs
45 College of Nursing: Graduate
47 School of Criminal Justice
62 University College–Newark

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Rutgers University–Camden

24 Rutgers School of Law–Camden
50 Camden College of Arts and Sciences
52 School of Business–Camden
53 Graduate School of Business
56 Graduate School–Camden
57 School of Nursing–Camden
58 Graduate School of Nursing
64 University College–Camden

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