Returned Payment Policy

Students who make payment to the university by check/e-check that are returned for any reason are assessed a $60, non-refundable returned check fee for each check/e-check.

If the returned check/e-check is presented in payment of tuition and fees, the payment will be reversed from the student account and the student will be subject to immediate financial hold restrictions. A returned payment may also result in late payment fees. As a condition of enrollment in future terms, students must maintain good financial standing.

If a check/e-check payment for a previous term balance is returned and a student is registered for a future term, the future term enrollment may be administratively withdrawn upon receipt of the returned payment by the University. Student Accounting, Billing and Cashier Services reserves the right to require that a returned payment be replaced with a certified check, bank draft, or money order.

Students will be notified of the returned check/e-check via their official Rutgers email address.