Student Refunds

Students may receive a refund based on financial aid, loan credits or overpayments to their term bill. For students who have financial aid, their aid will be applied to the term bill to cover the semester tuition and fee charges after completion of all of the paperwork for the award package. If the financial aid award exceeds the balance due, students are entitled to receive a refund of the credit balance on their student account. Refunds are available to students after the add/drop period if there is a credit balance on the account due to disbursed financial aid. We encourage all students to sign up for direct deposit in order to receive refunds faster.

direct deposit

Rutgers University utilizes the services of ScholarChip to electronically deposit student refunds directly into the checking or savings bank account provided. This service is highly secure and utilizes SSL encryption, so your information remains safe and private.

Students can set up direct deposit for their refunds online via ScholarChip. Instructions for how to register for direct deposit can be found here.

Note:  All PLUS loan credit balances that are refunded to the parent borrower will be mailed by paper check to the parent's address listed on the PLUS loan application.

paper check By Mail

Students who decide not to sign up for direct deposit will have their refund checks mailed to their permanent home address on file. Please note that checks are mailed by default.  It is crucial for students to make sure they always have their current address on file. Students will risk having their refund checks returned or lost if their address is not valid.