International Payments

Student Accounting has partnered with FlyWire by peerTransfer to assist our students with making payments from international banking institutions for their tuition and fee charges.

As a result, your payment will be processed more quickly and conveniently.  Benefits include:

  • No hidden bank fees
  • Reduction in the time it takes for your payment to be processed
  • Ability to track your funds throughout the entire process
  • Savings on exchange rates

You can make your international payment directly via your online student account.   View instructions.

Note:  Please be aware that Flywire is the only vendor authorized by Rutgers to facilitate international payments.  For safety and security reasons, students should NOT attempt to make international payments through other third party vendors or via direct wire transfers to the University.

Additional Resources
Official Rutgers Notice Regarding International Payments via Flywire (PDF)

Flywire Frequently Asked Questions