Graduating/Exiting Students

Exit Counseling

Whether you are a graduating senior, moving onto graduate school at Rutgers or another institution, leaving the university, or dropping below half-time attendance, you are required to complete a mandatory exit counseling session for each of the federal loans you received. If you received both a Federal Direct Stafford Loan and a Federal Perkins Student Loan, you will be required to complete at least two online exit interviews.

Loan Repayment

You are required to pay back loans borrowed over the course of your studies. As a student loan borrower, you have certain rights and obligations when it comes to repaying your student loans.

Maintaining a good credit history is important. Timely repayment of your student loan obligations builds a good credit record. If you have a problem repaying your student loan, contact your lender before your payment due date. The benefits of excellent credit can have an extraordinary impact on your financial future.