Access Request Procedures and Security Training for Faculty/Staff

Hello and welcome to the Student Accounting Services Access Request Procedures page. You have been directed here because you or someone on your staff is interested in requesting access to Student Accounting data.

As a prerequisite for access, each new user must complete a series of procedures and forms in order for access to be approved and implemented. There are four mandatory prerequisites that must be completed before requesting access:

There are two primary applications where Student Accounting information is accessible: Rutadmin/IMS and Online Term Bill. You may need access to only one or both, depending on your job responsibilities and business process needs. 


Information Safeguards and Nondisclosure Agreement

Before obtaining access, each user must first read, understand, and comply with the computer security rules, procedures, and best practices outlined in our departmental Information Safeguards and Nondisclosure Agreement (PDF). Applicants should review this document carefully, after which the second page of the document should be signed by the user (as well as his or her dean, director, or department head) and returned to the Student Accounting department.

NetID Account Creation

Every new employee must obtain a NetID, a unique alphanumeric identifier used by the university. A NetID and password are required to access our systems, as well as most other Rutgers University systems. 

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University Access Agreement and Security Awareness Training

After the employee obtains a NetID, the following must be completed:

  • The user must log in to the Online Agreement for Accessing University Information with NetID and password, read the policy, then click "I Accept". This online agreement is a prerequisite to access for a number of university services, i.e. Rutadmin and RIAS.
  • The user must complete a GLBA Security Awareness Training video and complete a post-test (with a score of 80 or better) in the SAKAI system. Contact the Student Accounting IT Staff (see sidebar) with the user's NetID to arrange training.

Statement of Justification

Each access application must include a written statement of justification from the user's dean, director, or department head. This statement should provide a detailed explanation why the user requires access to student accounting data, in the context of his or her job responsibilities. The Data Custodian will review this statement and make a determination whether the request is approved or denied, as well as the level of access that is most appropriate.

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Types of Access

Rutadmin/IMS Access

Student Accounting data is stored on the Rutgers Administrative Mainframe System (Rutadmin). The Student Financial Services IMS Menu allows authorized users to view student charges and credits, refund status, financial hold status, summer/winter financial history, and other aspects of student accounts.

The OIT-ESS General Access Form must be completed and submitted to Lorretta Onwubu in ESS Access Management before Rutadmin access can be implemented. Check off Student Financial Systems under IMS Applications (first row). In addition, your justification statement should reflect the specific screens and/or specific data you would like access to.

A SecurID token must be purchased/transferred in order for the user to access the mainframe system.

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Online Term Bill / Statement of Accounts Administrative Access

The Online Term Bill Administrative application is a web-based application that allows authorized users to look up students' online term bill statements and statements of account. 

The OIT-ESS General Access Form must be completed and submitted to Lorretta Onwubu in ESS Access Management before OTB admin access can be implemented. Check off Statement of Accounts Admin. under Oracle and Web Applications (second row) on the second page. Also, your justification statement should reflect why you need access to view student term bills online.

In addition, the user must be enrolled in University NetID++ and utilize Duo two factor authentication to access the online term bill site. 

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Website Update Request

An employee can put in a request to the Student ABC website team in order to make any changes to the website. Any update requests need to be submitted to the Google form created. All requests will be reviewed and processed in a timely manner depending on the level of priority attached.

Please make sure you are providing adequate information and instructions in order for your request to be completed accurately.


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