Exit Counseling FAQs

What is exit counseling and why do I have to complete this?

An exit counseling session is a loan counseling session that provides information about loan repayment, grace period, and billing options, and collects updated borrower information. Students who have federal loans and either graduate, withdraw, drop below half time or take a leave of abscence from the university are required to complete this. Completing an exit counseling session is a federal requirement and a condition of receiving a federally funded student loan.

I am planning to attend Rutgers graduate school. Am I still required to complete exit counseling?

Yes, you must complete the exit counseling session requirement.

If I withdrew and I am returning to school, do I need to complete an exit counseling?

Yes. Once a student briefly 'separates' from the institution, regardless of their return he or she is required to complete the exit counseling.

Do I have to complete more than one online exit counseling session?

You are required to complete an exit counseling session for each federal loan you received—both Federal Direct and Perkins student loans.

What happens if I do not complete the exit counseling requirement?

A hold may be placed on your records and will only be removed after completion of the exit counseling sessions. This hold will prevent you from accessing your diploma, transcript, and academic records. 

I just completed my exit, how long will it take before the hold is removed. And when will I be able to request my transcript?

 Upon completion, forward your confirmation email to exits@sa.rutgers.edu and include your Name, RUID number and type of loans.

Your hold will be removed within 2 business days. The Registrar's Office will be able to allow registration and send transcripts within 1 -2 business days.

What information will I need to complete the exit counseling sessions?

You will need your Social Security Number, date of birth, driver's license number, email address, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three references.

I received an exit counseling email notification but I will not be graduating this semester; do I still need to complete an exit?

You need to register for the upcoming semester in order to remove the requirement to complete exit counseling.  Please send an email to exits@sa.rutgers.edu so we can update our records.

What is a grace period?

A grace period is the time frame after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment during which payments are not required. The repayment period begins the day after your grace period ends.

Who is ECSI?

ECSI is Rutgers' billing servicer. They provide customer service, billing, and process payments for the Federal Perkins Loan program.

How can I get my Heartland Key?

To request your Heartland key please either contact ECSI or send us an email at exits@sa.rutgers.edu.

How do I verify my loan information?

Log in to StudentLoans.gov to retrieve your loan information.

What is the FSA ID?

The FSA ID—a user name and password—has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN and must be used to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information.

Create your FSA ID when you log in to StudentLoans.gov to view your federal loans and complete exit counseling for your Federal Direct Stafford loans. If you have a Federal Student Aid PIN, you will be able to enter it and link it to your FSA ID. (This will save time when you register for your FSA ID.) You can still create an FSA ID if you have forgotten or do not have a PIN. For additional information, visit StudentLoans.gov.

IMPORTANT: Only the owner of the FSA ID should create and use the account. Never share your FSA ID.

What is the U.S. Department of Education PIN?

The Department of Education PIN is a personal identifier that gives you the ability to enter the website, as well as other U.S. Department of Education websites. It is similar to a bank's PIN and should be kept secure and private. Contact StudentLoans.gov for your pin.