How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to receive your refund. 

Students enrolled in our fully online programs are also encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

steps to set-up:

Make sure to have both your bank account and routing numbers ready before beginning.

Step 1: Click here to begin the enrollment process or go directly to Scholarchip

Step 2: Click on the NetID Login button

Step 3: Enter your NetID username and password

Step 4: Click the “Click Here To Enroll For Electronic Refunds” button to begin your enrollment.

If you enrolled previously and would like to update your banking information, click on the “Details” link.

Step 5: Enter the checking or savings bank account information you would like to receive refunds at.

Note: This should not be debit or credit card information.

(Example of where to locate Account and Routing Number)

Check example indicates routing and account number locations

Step 6: After creating a bank account you are now enrolled in direct deposit. Your enrollment information will be exported to the university and we will then be able to issue future refunds to your account.