Confirm Your Attendance

All registered undergraduate and graduate students must confirm their attendance.

If your balance is zero or shows a credit (cr):

Confirm your attendance

  • Log in to your online student account at
  • Select the semester for which you are confirming your attendance/paying the bill.
  • Click on the Continue to Online Bill Payment to Confirm Attendance button located near the bottom of the account page.
  • Verify the credits to your account.

Choose a Semester

Confirm Your Attendance


If your account shows a balance, however, you anticipate financial aid, grants, loans, or tuition remission to cover the balance:  

For those students whose account shows a balance but have financial aid, additional private loans, like NJCLASS, Sallie Mae, tuition remission, or a third-party vendor/corporate billing that fully covers the balance due and those credits do not yet appear on your term bill, you must confirm your attendance by mailing or delivering in person an adjusted copy of your term bill. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your student account and print your term bill summary.
  • Deduct the credits and adjust the amount due.
  • Send the adjusted term bill (as proof of payment) to:

Rutgers University
Office of Student Accounting
PO Box 2021
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Student Accounting will confirm your attendance once this information is processed.

Payment Adjustments Screen

Verify Payment and Select a Payment Option

If you do not wish to contribute to NJPIRG:

Students who do not want to pay NJPIRG are instructed to check the “I do not wish to contribute to NJPIRG box," under the Payment Reductions category.

After the student checks the No NJPIRG box, the principal payment amount is automatically adjusted and removes the NJPIRG fee from the balance due.   

For example: $7,849.95 minus $11.20 = $7,838.75, as seen below.

I do not wish to contribute to NJPIRG checkbox