How to Change Your RU Book Advance Status

Your enrollment in the RU Book Advance, in the amount of $500, appears as "Other Fees" under the charges section of your account.  Refunds are listed under the "Charges" section of your account. 

Step 1: Log in to your student account.

Step 2: Select the RU Book Advance Status button to review your status.



Step 3: The RU Book Advance Status page appears. You are automatically enrolled in the RU Book Advance. To change your status and to opt out, select the second option.

  • If you opt out of the book advance program before purchasing your books, a refund check of $500 will be processed.
  • If you purchase books and spend less than $500, a refund check will be processed for the balance after the term ends. 
  • If you want the refund for the remaining balance to be processed more quickly, change your enrollment option to  opt out and your refund will be available in about three to four days.

Step 4: Select the Change Enrollment Option button at the bottom of the page and your status has been updated.